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Key words: divorce, domestic violence, Domestic Violence: Definitions and Reasons: The term domestic violence is defined by many sociologists and psychologists. While explaining the term domestic violence, McCue (2008) that domestic violence is a form of oppression that occurs within a social context that makes violence against an oppressed group. Most of the time, the oppressed group is woman or children of the family. The abusers want to hold complete control by on his partner. Domestic violence is defined by Rennison C. M (2000) as the “pattern of coercive and assaultive behaviours that include physical, sexual, verbal and psychological attacks and economic coercion that adults or adolescents use against their partners. ” There are many social, economical, psychological reasons responsible behind the act of domestic violence.

The psychological reasons: mental disorder, possessiveness, superiority complex, insecurity, feeling of being under-estimated, depression, anger, stress etc. Sociological problems: Poverty, unemployment, family values, status etc. Cultural Problems: religion, beliefs There are many movies based on the domestic violence theme, some of them are “Sleeping With the Enemy, ” and “Provoked” But the most suitable film for this topic according to me is “Not Without My Daughter. ” Before discussing the two themes, divorce and domestic violence, it is essential to know how two themes have been handled in this movie. The Plot The movie Not Without My Daughter depicts a vivid picture of a Islamic mindset towards women.

It is a true story of an independent American divorcee Betty who falls in love with an Iranian Doctor Sayed Bozorg Mahmoody, whose nickname is “Moody, ” The 1991’s movie is based on the book of the same name, a real story of Betty narrated by herself.

In this movie, along with the core theme of domestic violence, the theme of divorce is incorporated in the story. Betty, the protagonist was living as a single parent. She had separated from her husband legally and living with her parents and two sons Joe and John. It was a happy life she was living, though the bitter memories of her first husband were like nightmares for her. The protagonist is the narrator of the story and she had not explained much about her first marriage. Neither had she described anything about her first husband.

She just mentions that her first marriage was not at all a happy experience for her. Because the failure and bitter experience of her first marriage had brought her very close to her second husband Sayed M Bozorg “Moody” Mahmoody.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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