The Rookie Chief Information Security Officer – Term Paper Example

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Security Officer will be responsible for maintenance of physical security. He/she will ensure that the contracted guard force maintains discipline and ethics (Mark, 2007). He will also check and record the available assets each day and carry out investigation in case of theft. Security officer will report direct to the CISO. The IT Security Engineer and the IT Security Compliance Officer will work to ensure that the information technology devices are maintained. They will ensure the hardware and software are maintained. They will evaluate the effectiveness of each device. They will provide a report in case of damage, loss and change of devices.

They will report direct to the CISO. The Privacy Security Professional or the Investigation Officers will investigate theft, fraud and employee dishonest. They will carry out investigation in case of asset theft, cash theft by employees and misconduct of the employee (Neil, 2009). In case of conflict between the employees, the investigation officer will carry out an inquiry to establish the source of the problem. Privacy Security Professionals will report direct to the CISO. The CISO will report to the Security Manager.

The Security manager will be responsible for management of all security operation including budgeting and employment. Security Manager will report to the General Manager who will report direct to the Board of Directors. Other managers like Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager and Operations Manager will report to the General Manger. The GM will present the issues arising from each department to the directors. The directors have the final word in the organization (Mark, 2007). There decision is final and binding. iii. Resources Required for Each Duty Provision of services in each position requires certain knowledge and experience.

To ensure effectiveness in security operation, the organization must employ people with the expected skills and knowledge. Security officers must have worked with the police or military for at least three years. He/she should have a degree or diploma in security management or related filed. He/she should also be computer literate with supervision skills. The IT Security Compliance Officer and IT Security Engineer and IT Procurement Specialist should posses a Bachelors degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. They should have worked in forensic department for a minimum of three years (Gerhard, 2010). Others positions like the Privacy Security Professional should be a holder of a degree in criminology.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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