1.1. “Terms of Use” are these Terms of Use of StudentShare Ltd., governing the use of the Website.

     1.2. “Code” is any computer language used for the creation of the Website.

     1.3. “User” is a person registered on the Website in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use for the purpose of use of the Website Papers Database displayed on the Website.

    1.4. “Paper” is an academic paper of any type (essay, research paper, case study, book review, lab report, assignment etc.) uploaded by StudentShare Ltd. and displayed on the Website.

    1.5. “Website” is a website essayexample.org displaying Papers and intended for the use by the Users in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

    1.6. “You” in the text of these Terms of Use is used to designate the Visitors and Users as applicable, depending on the intended use of the Website.

    1.7. "Visitor" is any person visiting the Website who is not a registered User.

    1.8. Words denoting the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders and vice versa. Words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

    1.9. Headings of these Terms of Use are used for the convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.

    1.10. Any reference to any provision of these Terms of Use shall be construed as a reference to that provision as amended, re-enacted or extended at the relevant time.



    2.1. These Terms of Use of StudentShare Ltd., as well as the documents referred to in the text hereof, shall govern the use of the Website by Users of the Website and apply to Users of the Website as applicable, depending on the purpose of their use of the Website, as well as the role of such persons on the Website.

    2.2. Starting to use the Website and/or registering on the Website You hereby confirm that You carefully read the provisions of these Terms of Use, agree with them and undertake to follow all the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use strictly, as well as bear any responsibility in case of their violation or non-compliance.

    2.3. If You do not agree with any provision of these Terms of Use, You may not use the Website. If, after registration at the Website as a User, You find that any provision of these Terms of Use cannot be accepted by You and/or You do not agree with them You should delete your account and stop using the Website.

    2.4. These Terms of Use are a legally binding agreement between You and StudentShare Ltd., the provisions of which shall be binding on all Website Users. This Agreement shall be effective until the complete performance of obligations by the parties.

    2.5. These Terms of Use may be modified by StudentShare Ltd. at any time by posting the amended Terms of Use on the Website. By using the Website and accepting these Terms of Use, You undertake to regularly review the current version of the Terms of Use posted on the Website. If You continue using the Website after an amendment of the Terms of Use, it is considered that You have read the current version of the Terms of Use carefully, taking into account the amendments made thereto, agree and accept them.


    3.1. The ability to make full use of the Website is available to Website Visitors after registration as a Website User (registration of User account).

    3.2. When the User creates an account on the Website, he accepts and agrees to the provisions of these Terms of Use by ticking "I accept the Terms of Use" box.

    3.3. StudentShare Ltd. does not charge a fee for User registration on the Website.

    3.4. Only persons who are at least 18 years old and can enter into binding arrangements in accordance with applicable laws are allowed to register on the Website and receive the right to use the Website.

    3.5. By accepting these Terms of Use You confirm that You are at least 18 years old and all the information You provided is true, accurate and current.

    3.6. Persons under 18 years old may use the Website only with the permission and under the supervision of their parents, legal guardians or trustees who are at least 18 years old. At the same time, the fully responsible Users will be such parents, legal guardians or trustees.

    3.7. StudentShare Ltd. shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to deny the User access to the Website, as well as to change/set the eligibility criteria for Users at any time.

    3.8. By registering on the Website, You agree to provide true, accurate, current and most complete information, which may be requested on the Website, including, but not limited to, a valid e-mail address. You agree to regularly update such information in order to ensure their relevance.

    3.9. After registration, the User will be assigned an account on the Website. When creating an account, a username and a password to access the Website under such user account will be set. The User’s registered email address will be used as a username to access his account on the Website. The password can be set by the User at his sole discretion.

    3.10. The User is fully responsible for security, confidentiality, and safekeeping of his username and password, and for all activities and damage caused by improper storage of such data, their unauthorized use, and for any consequences which resulted or could have resulted from their use in such a manner. In case of infringement of the confidentiality of the User’s username and password, and any unauthorized use of his username and password, the User is required to notify the Website Users Support Service at support@essayexample.org immediately.

    3.11. The User agrees that StudentShare Ltd. cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the User’s failure to maintain the confidentiality of his username and password. The User agrees not to permit the disclosure of his username and password to third parties, except StudentShare Ltd., without the written permission of StudentShare Ltd.

    3.12. The User shall be fully responsible for the transfer of rights and access to his account on the Website to the third parties. The User will be responsible for all acts committed with the use of his account, username, and password.

    3.13. StudentShare Ltd. reserves the right to freeze and/or delete uncommitted and inactive user accounts at its sole discretion after 12 months since the last authorization of such account at the Website. StudentShare Ltd. shall not be liable for failure to provide the access to the Website to Users whose account has been frozen or deleted.

    3.14. If the User provides false or incomplete information or StudentShare Ltd. has a reason to believe that the information he provided is false, inaccurate or deliberately untrue, StudentShare Ltd. shall be entitled to freeze and/or delete the User’s account unilaterally and deny his use of the and Website.

    3.15. If the User is suspected of having committed illegal actions, including, but not limited to, commitment of fraud with bank cards, distribution of spam, malware, and other acts violating these Terms of Use and applicable laws, StudentShare Ltd. may report such actions to the relevant authorities and/or block and/or delete the such User’s account. In addition, by accepting these Terms of Use the Users agree that StudentShare Ltd. shall have every right to refuse to provide access to the Website to any User at any time without giving reasons.

    3.17. The procedure of collection, storage, use and protection of personal information on Website Users is governed by the Privacy Policy, which shall form an integral part hereof.

    3.18. StudentShare Ltd. shall be entitled to disclose the User's identity to the third parties appealing that any material/content posted by such Users in any way violate the intellectual property rights or the right to privacy of such third parties.

    3.19. The User shall be personally responsible for any materials/content posted by him or by using his User account on the Website, any information he provides to the other Visitors and Users as well as for his interactions with such persons.


    4.1. These Terms of Use do not grant the Users any rights to, or in, copyrights, or any other rights in respect of the Papers. The property and copyright or other intellectual property rights to the Papers belong to StudentShare Ltd., but StudentShare Ltd. shall grant to the Users a non-assignable non-exclusive license to view and copy the Papers for personal usage. No license is granted for the use of Papers for any other purpose whatsoever including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, use in any essay, coursework or dissertation written by the User, distribute, publish, transmit, sell, modify, display or create derivative works from, or exploit the Papers without prior written consent of StudentShare Ltd.

    4.2. Subject to any express provisions of these Terms of Use StudentShare Ltd. makes no representations nor gives any warranties about the accuracy, suitability or reliability of any Papers displayed in the Website or about their use for any purpose.

    4.3. Subject to any express provisions of these Terms of Use StudentShare Ltd. makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, lack of viruses or other harmful components and accuracy of the Website Code for any purpose. 

    4.4. StudentShare Ltd. shall not be responsible for the outcome of any use by the Users of the Papers.

    4.5. StudentShare Ltd. gives no warranty for the quality reliability or service of any third party service provider (if any) and does not warrant that operation of the Website will be uninterrupted or without error.

    4.6. StudentShare Ltd cannot guarantee that correction of any error or problem will be provided with any specific timescale but where StudentShare Ltd. estimates that any correction will take more than 2 working days it will provide, where reasonably practicable a  workaround or patch.

    4.7. StudentShare Ltd. cannot guarantee accuracy, thoroughness, and appropriateness of any information or Paper offered on this Website. StudentShare Ltd. cannot provide any guarantees that the Paper will match your purposes or meet your expectations in full. 

    4.8. The information, pertaining to the Papers, does not constitute a recommendation to use the Papers in any way. The Users represent and warrant that the decision to order and use the Papers has been made out of User’s own initiative, volition, and free will. User agrees that StudentShare Ltd. shall not be liable, under any circumstance, for any use of Papers by the User which violates these Terms of Use, or which is unauthorized or illegal.

    4.9. StudentShare Ltd. does not offer any advice on the merits or suitability of Papers and no view, or statement or thought expressed by StudentShare Ltd., or its employees or contractors shall be construed as such by the User. StudentShare Ltd. or its employees, or contractors only provides information about the Papers and does not advise Users.


    5.1. StudentShare Ltd. carefully ensures that the interactions with Website Users take place in the most comfortable and transparent way for the Users, who adequately comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

    5.2. In some cases, there may be disputes between the Users and StudentShare Ltd. The Users shall take all feasible and reasonable steps for dispute settlement using the tools and contacts available on the Website.

    5.3. Dispute case can be transferred by the Users to the Website User Support Service at support@essayexample.org.

    5.4. The dispute shall be considered by the Website User Support Service in accordance with these Terms of Use within 30 calendar days after receipt of the application by the Website User Support Service. After review of the dispute details, the Website User Support Service will make a decision in respect of the dispute. Such a decision would not be considered enforceable by law. Nevertheless, StudentShare Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to serve the Users who failed to comply with decisions made by the Website User Support Service.

    5.5. The Website User Support Service may consider only those disputes which are related to the Papers available on the Website.


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