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These individuals are also said to be weak and unable to defend themselves and have low self-esteem (Risk Factors). Additionally, those who do not get along with their peers may also be subjected towards bullying. Those likely to bully others also have distinct characteristics that include having social power, are usually aggressive, think badly of their peers, and view violence in a positive way. Although most of these characteristics apply in the physical bullying, they might also apply in cyber bullying. Cyber bullying may range from a simple sending of a text message to sophisticated use of technology.

It may also incorporate posting of falsified information intended to hurt someone directly or even to prompt others to hate the victim making their lives very difficult which may lead to anxiety or even depression (Xiao and Yee 35). Cyber bullying may also disclose private and personal information such as real home address and real names in websites or even include creation of fake accounts and publishing information that may ridicule, discredit, or even defame someone.

When it extends to social media, statistical data maintains that teens spend more time in social media than in any other activity besides when sleeping. Social media has been the largest source of bullying since statistics sustain that at least one million teens were subjected towards cyber bullying in 2013 mainly in Facebook. In significant instances, the victims of social media bullying have a trait that others consider abnormal such as being gay. Individuals in this category may be subjected towards cyber bullying by individuals whose sexual preference is considered normal. Such bullying usually prompts the involved individual to committing suicide because they feel that they have committed a despicable crime by having such sexuality preference.

Cyber bullying is not limited to a geographical location due to the numerous capabilities presented by the Internet and other communication gadgets. These gadgets are not to blame for the negative usage; instead, the modern society whose morals have degraded is to blame for occurrence of issues related to cyber bullying. The modern mode of parentage is also to blame because some children are exposed to inappropriate or violent prone environments when growing up affecting their psychology.

This mostly makes them violent and they show this by bullying other people. In addition, the parents are very busy working in offices and have very little or no time for guiding their children on how they should treat other people.

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